We formed Sourayan technologies with belief that we can contribute to the success of Solar power companies by providing them with sensing, monitoring, and analytical systems. We had the clarity that to become a successful partner of solar companies we need to design products that are not just superior on product specifications but we need to understand and cater to the challenges of the procurement team as well as the O and M teams. Being an Indian manufacturer with fully inhouse designed products we can offer some distinct advantages. As we are present very near to you we can offer quick support. Not just that full in-house technology means we can tweak the products to your specific nuances.
And all this becomes much more attractive as Indian products inherently offer a price advantage.
Sourayan Technology is an Indian Manufacturer of Weather sensors, Dataloggers, and SCADA software. We provide customized weather monitoring systems, Soiling monitoring systems, Remote monitoring systems, and SCADA systems as per customer requirements with required specifications. 
The Weather monitoring system included various sensors such as Pyranometers, Module temperature, Air temperature, Relative Humidity, Wind speed and Direction, and Rain Gauge which are useful for monitoring weather parameters in Solar power plants. 
Introducing Kwense sensor specially designed to cater to the need of rooftop solar power plants which is easy to install and configure. Kwense is a competitive cost sensor and provides the data of the 8 parameters in different packages over Modbus 485 which can be integrated with any third-party datalogger having Modbus 485 compatibility. 
Also introducing Solar SCADA software, an efficient and cost-effective tool that continuously controls and monitors the solar power plant, resulting in lower downtime as well as increasing the plant’s overall profitability. Our SCADA software is developed on a strong and proven software platform that provides the flexibility to communicate with the field devices.