Module Temperature Sensor MT-RTDxx

The Sourayan Make Module Temperature Sensor is a low-cost, highly accurate, and precise sensor. The sensor is designed specifically for Solar Power plants applications. The sensor can be easily mounted at the back side of the Solar Panel using Kapton tape.

  • RTD PT-100/1000 Sensor, Class A
  • Short Response Time
  • Easy to Install
  • Range: -40o to 150oC
  • Accuracy: ± 2oC
  • Resistance (0o): 100/1000 OHM
  • Tolerance: Class A
  • Resolution: 01oC
  • Response time: < 20 sec
  • Long Term Drift: <0.04 oC/yr
  • Operating Range: -40o to 150oC
  • Cable Length: 10 mtrs (Additional cable can be ordered in multiple of 5 mtrs)
Module Temperature Sensor MT-RTDxx