Solar SCADA Software

Introducing Solar SCADA software, an efficient and cost effective tool which continuously controls and monitors the solar plant, resulting in lower downtime as well as increasing plant’s overall profitability. Our SCADA software is developed on the strong and  proven provides the flexibility to communicate with the field devices. software platform which Low-cost solar SCADA with reliable performance is an important aspect in Solar Power Plant as it is considered as the heart of Solar Power Plant. Sourayan Technologies Pvt Ltd is specialized in providing reliable, economical and customized solutions as per the customer’s needs to meet the requirement of end users.
  • Unified Development and Runtime Environment
  • Single Point Backup and Restore
  •  Dynamic Layouts
  • Blazing Fast Performance
  • Ready for IOT and Industry4.0
  • Import from Design Documents
  • Database Connectivity
  • JavaScript support for advanced scripting
  • Export Data to Reports
  • Alarm Management
  • Rich Support for GUI
Solar SCADA Software